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The Kerala State Coir Corporation Ltd. is a fully owned Government company set up in 1969 for the systematic development of coir industry in the State. The Corporation has its administrative wings and manufacturing facilities in a sprawling complex in Alleppy, Kerala, S.India. Its diversified operations include curled coir manufacturing and allied products sectors. The Corporation has the status of being the largest and the most diversified manufacturing plant in the country.
The Corporation believes in the philosophy of producing quality built in products through a dedicated team of staff and workers from top to bottom. This commitment to quality enables the company to face any sort of challenge in this sector. This is the first company in the public sector to introduce quality circles successfully among the workers and staff, proving its commitments to quality. The company has achieved an ISO 9002 certification in the year of 2001.
T.K. Devakumar Shri.T.K. Devakumar
Chairman -
. The Kerala State Coir Corporation Ltd
sreekumar Shri. G. Sreekumar
Managing Director-
The Kerala State Coir Corporation Ltd
Our Commitment The Kerala State Coir Corporation Ltd., was established by the Govt. to find out market for the coir products of more than 4000 small scale producers in the state of Kerala in addition to our own manufacturing.
The coir industry in Kerala is a traditional one and employs nearly 0.40 million workers and majority of them are women from villages. Uplift of this industry means the upliftment of the life standards of 0.40 millions workers mainly that of village women.
Our Capability In its Model Coir Factory, the Corporation can manufacture mats up to 8ft. and mattings up to 4mt. width with the help of specially trained work force. The Corporation also has a capability to manufacture power loom mattings in various width.
In the Model Coir Factory, latest management techniques are applied in the areas of man, material and machine management so as to give out the best products possible. A highly successful, statistical quality control device has been evolved for on line production, quality check up and also to ensure timely delivery of goods.
Our Facility Corporation can boast of having a unique Dye house having sophisticated facilities like computerized color matching and color mixing facilities etc. This Dye house can process huge quantity of various natural fibres such as Coir, Sisal, Jute, Hemp, Aloe etc. to produce uniform shade and tone.
The Corporation has also installed a Computer Aided Design facility, the only one of its kind in the country in coir industry, which can produce excellent designs in large numbers to the varied taste of the importers.
Our Network With a Nation wide network of 10 showrooms spread across the country, the Corporation is one of the major suppliers to Defence Establishment and other big Government and non-Government sectors in the country, meeting their stringent quality standards and specifications. As An Exporter As a pioneering exporter, the company has been exporting its products to both European countries and erstwhile U.S.S.R. Globally accepted quality standards and consistency enables the company to export its products to U.S.A., U.K. etc. facing stiff competition from other exporters Our Mission A major part of the coir production in Kerala comes from the small-scale producers, based in the villages of Kerala, employing around 0.4 million women. We are marketing the products of the small scale producers, in addition to our own products, there by the upliftment and promotion of this industry will result in improved life style of village women in the state of Kerala.