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  • Coco Peat (Cocopeat )100% biodegradable, organic and a renewable resource.
  • Coco Peat (Cocopeat )Eco-friendly, Organic, Soil Substitute & Soil conditioner.
  • Coco Peat (Cocopeat ) An excellent substitute to Peat-Moss which is widely used in gardens, especially in growing orchids and anthuriums.
  • Coco Peat (Cocopeat ) An Organic soil-less growing media for Horticulture and Floriculture. Excellent for flower beds, potted plants, horticultural crops, golf courses,lawns, landscaping, nursery poly bags, etc.
  • Coco Peat (Cocopeat ) absorb and hold up 8 to 10 times it's own weight in water. Excellent water uptake, even after drying.
  • Coco Peat (Cocopeat ) 4 times lighter than soil and is therefore excellent for terrace gardens.
  • Coco Peat (Cocopeat ) Easier wet ability without adding wetting agents.
  • Coco Peat (Cocopeat ) Excellent drainage, which reduces irrigation that leads to reduced loss of fertilizer.
  • Coco Peat (Cocopeat )Absence of weed seeds and pathogens, and protects against bacterial and fungi infestations.
  • Coir dust when used as a growing medium longer than Peat moss, Coco Peat (Cocopeat )can be used up to 4 years.
  • Coco Peat (Cocopeat ) gives Excellent aeration / oxygenation providing enhanced root penetration.

Coco Peat (cocopeat ) Advantages

  • Coco Peat is a very good soil conditioner and it can retain moisture up to eight times of its volume.
  • Consistent and Uniform in Texture.
  • The structure of coco peat is useful for the soil conditioning and the coco peat is having a slow degradation rate so that it is used in the growth of the plants.
  • Holds and released nutrients in solution over extended periods without rewatering.
  • The value pH is 5.8 to 6.5; Coco Peat holds water rather than shedding it like traditional peat does.
  • Has got great oxygenation properties which helps for healthy root development.
  • Contains air porosity and it helps the plant to have strong roots.

Coco Peat (cocopeat ) using for:

Vegetable gardens, Bedding Plants, Hydroponics, Potted Plants, Golf course greens, New lawns, Potting mixes, green houses, Flower gardens, Rose cultivation, Re-planting, Mushroom farming, Bonsai mixes, Garden beds and Growing medium for Earth worms.

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