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Coir Logo Mat

Coir Logo Mat Our coir logo mat offers excellent value and can be made to your size requirements. Made from traditional natural coconut fibre backed with pvc.

Our Coir Logo Mats are not simply printed like cheaper options but carefully hand made by insetting the individual coloured coir pieces within the mat ensuring longevity of the design. These individual coir pieces are then carefully bonded together to ensure a robust and long lasting mat.

Up to 3 colours (1 to be natural) per mat

Can be loose laid or fitted into a mat well. If ordering to fit a mat well please order 10% over sized to allow for trimming to fit on site.

How to order a Coir Logo Mat
Enter the length required in whole centimetres (Max 400)
Choose your width from the drop down box
Click the ‘Calculate’ button for price.
If you are happy with the price, click ‘buy now’

Once we receive your order we will contact you to request your artwork.

Please note that these hand crafted mats have a minimum price of Rs:000.00+vat



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