Coir Geo Textiles

Coir geo textile is a natural solution to large scale soil erosion / soil degradation. It has achieved wide acceptance all over the world as a natural product, Coir geo textiles are bio-degradable and environment friendly. Studies conducted have indicated that coir is better preferred, as compared to jute or other natural materials owing to certain characteristics like durability, wet strength, hairy surface etc. It enables vegetation to take root on the applied area thus making the bonding of the soil very strong. They are ideal for application on hill slopes, road and rail embankments.


Coir Geo textiles can be classified as woven and >non-woven, based on the method of manufacture. These can be further classified as below.

A. Woven Geo textiles

  1. Coir mesh matting of two shaft weave.
  2. Coir woven fabric with loop construction
  3. Coir bags made with latex backed coir matting.

B. Non-Woven Geo textiles

  1. Coco logs
  2. Coir fiber beds
  3. Coir needle felts.

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