Custom Design

We offer customization facility on our range of Coir Logo Mats.In case you want to fit a mat well, please make sure to place an order that is 10% over sized, so that trimming can be done on site and the coir logo mat is up to your expectation

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Coir PVC Tufted Mat

60% Coir 40% PVC

These mats are crafted using traditional natural coconut fiber and PVC where the logo and desings are stenciled on coir mat which can be availed in the size of your choice.

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Fiber Mat (FM2)

100% Coir

Unlike other variants of coir mats available in the market that prints the logo, we design our mats by carefully in setting colored coir pieces with the mat. This assures the mats remain resistant to everyday wear and tear. The colored coir pieces are then bonded with great care.We offer these in different colors, where the colored pieces can either be loose laid or tightly fitted into a mat.