Coir Geo textiles

Coir Geo textiles commonly known as Coir Bhoovastra is a handmade product commonly used for the protection of land from soil erosion.Coir Geotextile have been found to be effective for run off and erosion control. Geotextile reduces the kinetic energy of rain drops, thus preventing soil particles from being splashed away.Slopes can be stabilized by adding a surface cover of coir geotextile to the slope, excavating and changing the slope geometry, adding support structures to reinforce the slope or using drainage to control the groundwater in slope material. This method has been proven effective, especially in the case of stronger rainfall event.Soil bio-engineering with coir geotextiles finds effective application in Shore line stabilization ,separation application in unpaved roads, railways, parking and storage areas ,Storm water channels , Slope stabilization in railway and highway cuttings and embankments ,Water course protection .Reinforcement of unpaved roads and temporary walls ,Providing sub base layer in road pavement ,Filtration in road drains and land reclamation ,re-vegetation in abandoned mines, preventing sagging of village roads ,Mud wall reinforcement and Soil stabilization

We, The Kerala State Coir Corporation, a company fully owned by the Government of Kerala established in 1969 had come up with a solution for protecting Mountain face, the valleys, river bangs, embankments etc. We undertake geo textiles laying, preparation and implementation of project for the Public/ Private/ Individual customers.We will also provide support and assistance in taking measurement, preparing estimates and detailed project report (DPR). A dedicated team consisting of experts will give complete support and guidance for the laying of coir geotextiles The Kerala State Coir Corporation is one of the nodal agency in Kerala doing such activities for the last ten years. Under MNREGS, KSCC is supplying coir Geo-textile to various, Government agencies and panchayaths, across Kerala. We have been able to supply and lay coir geotextiles of approximately 1, 08, 84, 353Sqm (value Rs.80 crores) in the last 3 years.

Available in three specifications: