Coconut tree is an integral part of Keralites day-to-day life. From roots to trunk to its fruit to leaf nothing is wasted. The most important of all is its fruit, the coconut. The coconut plays an important role in the socio-cultural economic activities of Kerala.
The lush green swaying coconut palms and its splendid backwaters makes Kerala one of the major producers of Coir products in the world. Coconut fibre, otherwise known as the Golden Fibre is extracted from the outer husk of the coconut fruit. Coconut husks are scientifically bundled to large formations and are immersed in predetermined locations in Saline or fresh water for 8-10 months. This process is called Retting.
The retted husks are then taken out of the water and beaten with a wooden mallet to extract the fibre from the decomposed husk. Of late, this process is also mechanized to a large extent.
The fine golden fibre thus extracted is spun on traditional as well as mechanized ‘Ratts’ to make yarns. There are different grades of yarn namely Anjengo, Aratory, Vycomme etc. depending on their colour, texture, hardness of twist, thickness, fibre length, quality of fibre used etc.

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